Monday mornings

Almost a week and I haven’t had a day off yet. I can’t wait for Wednesday sigh

Time is valuable. Make it count. #gold #mk

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Anonymous asked: Happy birthday, jonathan! (:

Thank you anon :)

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when you and your boo break up



when you have an awesome comeback but you accidentally stutter it



Work. It’s work. Eh. Work. Gah gah. Work. Hahahahahahaha…..haha..haha…..ehehahaheheh. Work…



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It’s been nearly two months and I still feel like I don’t know anybody here

This girl…sigh lol. ❤️ #steakandlobster #bluebayou #happybirthdaysweetheart (at Blue Bayou Restaurant)

Happy Birthday girlfriend!!!!! ❤️😁 #disneyland #surprise (at Disneyland/Califonia Adventure)

Yuna at uc irvine tonight. Alriiighhhtttttttt :)

Today’s one of those days I wish I could blow my f***ing h**d off. Sigh.

Im in me Mum’s Car

After wearing suits to work for nearly 2 months, it feels really good to just kick back and throw on a hat, and enjoy Irvine weather.  Idk.  Theres just something about the weather at Irvine that just brings it all back.  I love it.  Works been alright.  It’s different.  I don’t really get to talk to anyone since I’m always at my desk all day, and the nature of our jobs here doesn’t really allow us time to really talk to anyone.  I sort of miss Banana Republic.  I don’t miss the job of course.  But the people is what made it fun.  Everyone here at Disney here is all older, and professional of course.  And its hard sometimes to find somewhere to fit in, because I’m talking to people who are above the age of 40 on the daily.  I can’t complain though.  The only thing I wish they didn’t do was bombard me with 60 hour work weeks.  I get home so tired and have to sleep to do it all again the next day, and sometimes i work 14 days in a row without a day off.  It’s mentally exhausting.  But at the same time, i love it.  Work me til i die, because i ain’t stopping.  My music has been held off for quite a while now because I’m so busy preparing for school and my new job has taken up most of my available time.  On the bright side, I get into Disneyland whenever I want lol.  Not much of a perk for someone who’s been to the park only a million times before they became an employee, but i’ll take what i got.  Thank god for not working inside the parks.  Hours suck ass, and working in the sun ain’t the deal.  Rather come to work in an AC’d office with a suit on.  Thank you god always.  You’ve been very good to me, but I seriously need to keep pushing myself harder and harder and harder.  Nothing to bitch about 60 hour work weeks, because once I get my masters, its gonna be 80 hour work weeks.  I’d rather spend every waking moment working than be broke and work hospitality or at the mall not knowing what to do with my life, hoping that “someday” i’ll be manager or a clothe store or food place lol.  Been working on a new EDM piece called Summer Daze.  And writing.  Still writing.  And applying.  Still applying.  Well, i guess ill write more later.