12 hour shifts are not cool. Someone. Help. Me. I’m dying.

The Kroft #packingdistrict #kroft (at Anaheim Packing District)

Tri-tip. #covebar (at Cove Bar)


i eat too much lol

I really miss spending quality time with my family…I don’t understand how people who work 40+ week schedules have any time for family at home, let alone time for themselves.

Disneyland with her <3

Never take another person’s love for granted. Because they may wake up one day and have a total change of heart. I’m sorry if I’ve been a horrible boyfriend lately. I’ve been stressed with moving and work and preparing for school. But I want to remind you that I appreciate you very much. Love you babe

So much to do and not enough time. If the day had 10 more hours, I might be able to do everything and accomplish everything. At this point, only way to accomplish everything is to not sleep. And I am already pretty much close to that, if not already. Sigh. On the bright side, i drank a monster and feel dkepkxnskkwnfojeosk right now >:)




Grand Californian by izaneybraney on Flickr.

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so early at work T_T im dying.  not really.  Hi tumblr!  bleh

Does anyone know if overtime is taxed at a higher rate than your normal hours?  I’m having a very hard time understanding why my fat checks have been taxed so much lately lol.  Please help T_T

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